institute for fashion designing IDI

Date: 14th Nov 2014

Insitituto Design Innovation – IDI located in Himayatnagar is an institute for fashion design, interior design and fashion photography, had organized a kids fashion show to mark the occasion of Childrens Day, the birthday of Sir.Jawahar Lal Nehru .The event showcased the creations of the fashion design students of the Institute. It was an exclusive kid’s wear collection that was showcased and witnessed good response from the audience.
Each sequence had a different theme and type of wear. Indo-Western, Casual, ethnic, Disco, Evening etc; were designed with inspiration of themes like Candies, Aqua, Angels, etc. The kids looked stunning in the collections/wear and set the ramp on fire with their dashing looks and style. Students expressed great joy and happiness. The Mr.Tarun Gupta,Chairman and Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director were all praises for the students who did such a wonderful job in a short period of time.

Designers : Ms. Pooja, Ms.Meenakshi, Ms.Binal, and Ms.Priyanka.
Theme: Mirrors and Frames. Type of Wear: Resort.
It’s very rightly said that nothing offers a better reflection of you than a mirror. Use of mirrors or in the other word materials that show reflection like water, polished stone can be dated back to about 2000BC. Glass mirrors have gained importance approximately during the early 1600 to 1750 AD. In today’s times we just cannot do away without the mirror.
Our first group this afternoon The Reflectors, their inspiration is the mirrors, and the motifs and colours used in the frame works of mirrors from history. They have designed resort wear using this inspiration. Kindly put your hands together for the Reflectors, am sure you can’t take your eyes off the collection and would want to have a customized one for yourself too.

Designers: Ms. Aksha, Mr.Pratap, Ms.Ramya, and Mr.Chaitanya.
Theme: Angel. Type of Wear: Indo-Western.
Angel – a creature that is supernatural, with white raiment and large feathery wings. Fairy tales and some scriptural stories talk about angels and I’m sure all of us would have been fascinated at some point in life about these beautifully described creatures. Probably, some of us as children might have looked up into the night sky each day expecting one of them to visit us and turn their magic wand and grant us wishes.
Fluttering Wings team is coming with a fusion wear. Indo-Western wear inspired by the theme Angels. Let’s join our hands and welcome the team Fluttering Wings.

Team 3: EPITOME.
Designers: Ms. Kavya, Ms.Sharanya, Ms.Swetha, and Mr.Rajesh.
Theme: Symbols. Type of Wear: Casual.
Around us are millions of indications, signage’s, symbols that we use to represent various things, words, places etc. These indications play an important role in our lives. Symbols of peace, love, prosperity, spiritual indications, indications to represent technology, etc. Our lives are filled with them endless number of them which we probably don’t even realize due to our busy life styles. In fact they have made life easier, because we use a simple epitome or indication to imply an entire word or sentence.
Team Epitome is coming up with Casual Wear designed on the concept symbols.  Without wasting an further time, let’s call on to team Epitome and witness the creative usage of Symbols.

Designers: Ms.Swathi, Ms.Bhargavi, Ms.Divya and Mr.Vasu.
Theme: Auto rickshaw. Type of Wear: Disco.
Auto rickshaws have always amused me as a kid; my father keeps telling me that I so much loved to travel by an auto rickshaw that he once had to park his bike in parking to fulfill my wish of returning home by an auto rickshaw. Most of us often associate our memories from school to an auto rickshaw. I’m sure it was a lot of fun.
So without wasting much time lets welcome our next group Disco Wheels who have worked disco wear taking auto rickshaws as their concept of design.

Designers: Ms. Deepthi, Ms.Sana, Ms.Priyanka, and Mr.Mirza.
Theme: Candies. Type of Wear: Cocktail.
Coming up next is the Flavor Blast team with Candies as their theme. Candy reminds me of my childhood…when we had colourful  candies and stuck our tongues out to our friends and cousins to see who has a better colour. No doubt even today I relish candies and I’m sure most of us do. Undoubtedly candy knows no age, pop in one and definitely you would awaken the kid in you.
This team has worked on cocktail wear with inspirations taken from the colors, shapes and flavors of candies. I’m sure this sequence would get your mouth to water…So, let’s hear it for the “Flavor Blast”

Team 6: Aqua Love.
Designers: Mr.Anil, Ms.Sakshi, Ms.Malini, and Ms.Divya.
Theme: Underwater. Type of Wear: Wedding.
All of us have heard the famous saying “Marriages are made in heaven.” and someone elaborated it saying the couple to be is bonded in heaven and the rituals are performed here on earth. Indian Institution of marriage believes and stands on the “Seven Vows or the Saath Phere or Seven Circumambulations or Saptapadi.”
Vows of love, duty, respect, fidelity and a fruitful union and I’m sure each one of us would love  to look at their special day draped in the best dress and to look stunning and gorgeous. Aqua love is the team that is bringing to us the wedding collection in underwater theme. So, let’s welcome the team and their stunning collection with a round of applause.

Team 7: Evening Strings.
Designers: Ms. Minal, Ms.Priya, Ms.Madhavi,
Theme: Musical Instruments. Type of Wear: Evening.
Our everyday lives have become too busy to catch up with something exciting each day, but music I am sure none of us would say a “no” to. Music is refreshing, soothing, rejuvenating, exciting. It makes you feel happy, joyful, peaceful, and romantic, it simply can influence moods just by itself.
Instrumental music according to me is the best medicine to any kind of mood swing. It not only soothes our senses and can make one feel a breath of fresh life but also livens up the atmosphere around. A special evening with family, friends or with your, someone special becomes even more alive with the right kind of music. Today we have with us the Evening Strings team that is coming up with Evening wear designed with the concept of Musical Instruments. Putting a stop to the waiting lets welcome the Evening Strings team and take a look at their head turning outfits.